Funding Priorities

What does the Butler Family Foundation Support?

Community Grants

Through its Community Grants Program, the Butler Family Foundation accepts proposals from 501c3 organizations in the following areas:


The Foundation has an interest in making the arts accessible to all members of the Twin Cities metropolitan community. The Foundation supports community based organizations and arts programs that serve broad audiences, with a focus on the multidisciplinary and visual arts. The Foundation has a special interest in:

  • Making musical instrumental instruction available for low income youth;
  • Creating access to the collections and programs of visual arts and natural history and science museums for low income or non-traditional audiences


The Foundation seeks to promote stewardship of land and water resources in Minnesota by supporting land protection and sustainable land use; and water quality protection and improvement. The Foundation will consider efforts which integrate land and water protection strategies.

The Foundation seeks to educate Minnesota’s children and youth about the importance of land and water resources through programs that focus on land protection, sustainable land use, and water quality protection and improvement.

Please note, in 2014 only applications in the areas of Arts and the Environment will be considered.

Human Services

The Foundation seeks to support the needs of low income and the most vulnerable members of the Twin Cities metropolitan community with a special concern for women and their children.

The Foundation targets its support of these individuals in the following ways:

  • Prevention and intervention services for those experiencing domestic and family violence;
  • Residential and community support for those with chemical addictions;
  • Advocacy and services for prostituted or trafficked women;
  • Housing and services for adults, families and youth who are homeless or lack stable, safe, and affordable housing.

Invited Grants

The Foundation initiates and invites grants from 501c3 organizations whose primary mission is in the Arts, Environment and Human Services. The Foundation also initiates and invites grants from organizations that address capacity building in the non-profit sector.

Where Does the Butler Family Foundation Give?

For Community Grants, the priority funding is the urban core of St. Paul and Minneapolis and the East Metro suburbs, with the exception of environmental grantmaking which is statewide.

Invited Grants are made in selected communities throughout the United States as determined by the Board of Trustees. No grants are made outside of the United States.

What types of the grants does the Butler Family Foundation make?

Through the Community Grants program, the Foundation makes general operating and program support grants. Invited Grants may also include support for capital campaigns or endowment.

How does the Butler Family Foundation Select Grantees?

Community Grants are competitive and the Foundation is only able to give consideration to non-profit organizations whose work falls within the funding priorities stated on this website. Through the Community Grants program, the Foundation demonstrates its commitment to long-term relationships with grantee organizations. In any given grant cycle, a limited number of new organizations are considered for support in the Community Grants Program.

Invited grants are initiated and selected based on criteria established by the Trustees and there is no opportunity to present a grant as a possible invitee.

What does the Butler Family Foundation Not Support?

The Butler Family Foundation does not make grants to organizations through fiscal agents. The Foundation does not make loans or grants or provide scholarships to individuals. The Foundation does not sponsor events.